Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Year of Magical Thinking

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.

The year of magical thinking


The book follows Joan Didion during the year after her husband passes away.

I heard about this book on, when a play based on the book was playing in Toronto. Matt Galloway mentioned that it was a book he had purchased many copies to give out to friends. Later, while watching a Michelle Williams' interview, she refer to her year of magical thinking after Heath Ledger's death.

My thoughts
I started reading this took in December and just had a few pages left but didn't finish it until today. Not sure why. I didn't think it was that sad considering the topic. The one sad moment I could imagine, was right after losing her husband, her first instinct was to tell him about it, because he was the one with whom she shared important events in her life. However, she obviously couldn't do it.

Joan Didion discusses these little irrationalities, hence the title of the book. For example, when she is finally able to give his clothes away, she holds on to his shoes, just in case he comes back. She knows it's not "rational" but she can't help herself. There is even a little food related anecdote. When Julia Child dies, Joan feels relief that Julia can cook for her husband. Again, she know it isn't to be.

I may pick this book up again when I need it in the future.

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